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This kit includes everything you need to craft a powerful spell jar that will help you manifest good luck and fortune. Kit also includes instructions to guide the user on their working.


Kits are handcrafted by me with carefully selected items to ensure higher changes of success with your spell. I use these same spells in my workings and wanted to share them with you as they help me manifest my intentions and bring me great results. 


Usage: When working on bringing in a continuous stream or flow of money, whether from your career, investments, or new business venture. It can also be used to increase your luck to bring about your financial success.



- Glass Jar

- Candle

- Herbs & Spices

- Crystals

- Matches

- Cord

- Paper

- Instructions

- Random Sticker

Spell Kit - Jar - Luck and Fortune

  • Follow the instructions included in your kit to complete your spell jar.


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