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My Story

Since I was young, I have always felt a call for nature and witchcraft. I was born in Mexico, and lived there for quite some time before my family moved to the USA. Every time someone asks me why I do what I do, I often think about my years in Mexico where I learned a lot from my grandmother. She used to tell me that cuts and scrapes could be healed with a poultice or salve and everything else could be healed with good food. She had a big garden with lots of herbs, fruiting plants and chickens. We always had a bounty to choose from and experiment. I would help her cook in the kitchen or play outside under the trees. I think since then, when I was maybe 8 or 9, I already knew I would always want to be around plants and use cooking to heal. I strayed a bit from my herbalist path for a few years with the move and adjusting to a completely new life but my calling was strong and I went back to it.

Being an herbalist and hearth witch, I focus most of my practice on green witchery. I absolutely love plants and their medicinal uses as well as other healing properties. I plan on eventually doing classes to teach people how to craft their own remedies and learn about the wonderful world of plants. While I work on my curriculums, I am working on my books. I am so excited to have my first book published!


I am passionate about helping people, animals and our environment. The main reason I wrote my book was to help those who may need a bit of financial help. Our school system doesn't teach us how to be financially literate and I want to help spread awareness and knowledge because we all deserve financial freedom and abundance. My book brings all readers a lot of how-to knowledge with practical steps along with powerful spells.


The goal of my first book is to help witches manifest and achieve their financial goals. If anyone needs help, I am always happy to have a text conversation or DM. The support of my community allows me to continue my journey and I am so grateful to be where I am today because of it.

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