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Let's Make Money Witches:

How To Use Your Inner Power to Manifest the Financial Abundance You Deserve with a Little Magick


I am passionate about helping people, animals and our environment. The main reason I wrote this book was to help those who may need a bit of financial help. Our school system doesn't teach us how to be financially literate and I want to help spread awareness and knowledge because we all deserve financial freedom and abundance. My book brings all readers a lot of how-to knowledge with practical steps along with powerful spells.


It's time to live a life of financial abundance; this practical and condensed guide is here to help you achieve it.


From the Introduction:

We have all been there. We got one too many glass jars or got mesmerized with the flash of that gorgeous Labradorite crystal and now we are a little afraid to look at our bank account. At least that’s how it felt to me for many years. I was happy to spend my money on my tools but every once in a while the thought in the back of my head was, am I spending too much on this? It can be easy to fall down the crystal or herb hole and forget that we don’t need any tools besides our intentions to perform powerful spells. This fear stops now! You should be able to live happily and spend on what you need or want to because abundance is coming your way. It won’t be easy, but it’s achievable to all of us so get rid of your limiting beliefs and go out and get it.


Part One:

Do you know what financial abundance is? I know you’ve heard about affirmations and manifestation, but have you grasped the concepts in a way to bring your goals to fruition? How often do you perform shadow work? What is the plan for when your motivation fades? In part one of the book we will be exploring all of these concepts and you will have a clear idea of how to use all of this to your advantage. They will no longer be terms we throw around, they will be powerful words that help you achieve your goals.


133 pages, 5″ x 8″  Book

Let's Make Money Witches Paperback Book

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