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Embrace the Energy of Ostara

Ostara celebrates the spring equinox (March 20th, 2022 in Northern Hemisphere). It’s a time of new life and also new beginnings.

The world around us is once again awakening, and we should be too. The sabbat is a day of perfect balance between rousing and rest, light and darkness, and day and night. It offers us the opportunity to get rid of what no longer serves us to clear the way for newness, filled with joy, excited anticipation, and wonder.

Where Imbolc heralded in the return of the light, Ostara ushers in the emerging of new life on earth, the goddess transitioned from the crone to the maiden at Imbolc and gave birth to the god. At Ostara, the young god is thriving and bursting with playful energy. The maiden goddess is strong, nurturing, beautiful, and brimming with vibrant abundance and creativity. She beckons us to join her, opening her arms to embrace us with newfound balance, light, growth, and possibilities.

Call on the Goddess Ostara to give you the Motivation you Need