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Ostara - Crystals to Celebrate Spring

Ostara is celebrated during mid-March, where the days are longer, the sun is more prominent, and the skies are clear. Ostara honors the beginning of Spring, the beginning of a new life, and the excitement of fertility. While Ostara does focus on growth and fertility, this is also one of the few Sabbats that also looks to achieve balance.

To be able to draw the energies of Ostara into your home, you need the right tools. One of the most accessible tools you can use to harness Ostara energy is to use crystals. These crystals can contain Ostra’s energy until you plan on using it, or it can offer an opening for these energies to accumulate in your home during the Ostara season. Here are a few crystals you can use that will draw Ostara’s strength to you.


Agate is part of the quartz family and brings balance and healing. Agate is ideal for people who need to slow down and center themselves, especially if their life is hectic. Since Ostara focuses on having balance, keeping an Agate crystal near you, will be highly beneficial. You do not have to do anything special to activate Agate’s Ostara energies; it will be able to sense when you are starting to stray and transmit energy to you that will help guide you back on your path, this is also a family crystal, so if you are trying to reconnect with your family during Ostara or create a family of your own, carry a piece of this crystal with you or keep a piece in your bedroom.


Amazonite is a turquoise-green crystal known as a healing stone. Its color and energy help the mind and body find balance - this is another popular stone to use during Ostara if you are aiming to find inner balance. It is believed that the energy that Amazonite emits can clear one’s mind of doubt to be able to focus on what they wish to accomplish. Amazonite is such a powerful mind cleanser that it can potentially help people see a different point of view when used during meditation. If you are trying to start new during Ostara, Amazonite can help you push back negative energies caused by past traumas and open you up to accept new interactions.


Amethyst is another variety of quartz crystal. It is highly admired for its vibrant purple color and varying shapes. Amethyst is a healing stone that is best used for protection. During Ostara, it is best to meditate with a piece of Amethyst held to your third eye because it will help clear your mind of negative energies, thoughts, and worries. Amethyst can also be used to bring abundance into your home. The abundance can come in by bettering yourself, your dreams, or bringing positive energies to you during Ostara. Amethyst has strong cleansing properties, so if you are looking to cleanse yourself and your home of old energies of the past year, be sure to set out a piece of Amethyst in the room occupied the most in your home.


Azurite is a stunning blue crystal highly sought out for to enhance the Third Eye. Azurite can cleanse the Third Eye and open it up for more precise readings. If you meditate with Azurite, it will help you focus, boost your intuition, and help clear your mind of negative influences. Since Ostara is a great time to talk with new people and create lasting connections, you can meditate with a piece of Azurite or wear a piece of Azurite jewelry to help you boost communication skills and spark creativity and inspiration.


Carnelian is a deep red crystal; many witches link to having the fiery properties of the sun. Because of its red color, Carnelian is best used to boost passion and the desire to live. Carnelian can help you overcome abuse, spark courage, promote positive energy, and bring success. You can use Carnelian during Ostara if you feel like you are lacking in the motivation department, or are not sure where you are headed in life. By having Carnelian in your home during Ostara, you should start to feel more motivated and less sluggish to get things done. Carnelian can also boost fertility and sexual desires if you are trying to create a family by taking advantage of Ostara’s fertility magick.


Garnet is a mix of silicate minerals that comes in a variety of shapes. While Garnets are mainly red, they can come in green. Since Garnet is a mix of different minerals, this is one of the best stones to use when trying to achieve balance. During Ostara, try to meditate with a piece of Garnet or wear Garnet jewelry to start bringing you serenity and passion. The longer you carry Garnet during Ostara, the more balance you should have for the remaining of the year. Garnet is also a stone of love and passion. It can boost love, both physical and emotional, between partners. During Spring, many couples are looking to strengthen their bonds or to start a family, so by both partners carrying a piece of Garnet; it can inspire both parties to create a lasting and loving bond.


Jasper is an opaque variety of quartz that comes in many colors. Jasper is believed to be the “ultimate nurturer” crystal as it can help support people during hard times of pain and stress. Jasper can dispel negative energies and bring a sense of tranquility. As with crystals that come in a variety of colors, each color of Jasper has different properties. For Ostara, there are two colors of Jasper you should use due to their magickal properties: Yellow and Bumble Bee Jasper. Yellow Jasper connects to the Sun’s energy, which means that it will bring happiness, joy, and positivity. When carried around, it can stimulate self-confidence, especially in situations you are forced out of your comfort zone or feel overwhelmed. Yellow Jasper promotes balance and gives a much-needed energy boost during Ostara. Bumble Bee Jasper promotes motivation, boosts willpower, and can help you see that your possibilities are endless. Bumble Bee Jasper will give you a new view on life and help you start to transform yourself like you are reborn into a new person. Either yellow-colored Jasper crystal will be highly beneficial for you to carry during Ostara, depending on how you want to improve yourself.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is highly sought out for its lovely blue color, but it is one of the most potent crystals to use to promote emotional energies. One of the ways you can use Lapis Lazuli during Ostara is to help create healthy and lasting bonds between friends, family, and romantic partners. If you are looking to boost your creativity or clear your mind, try meditating with a piece of Lapis Lazuli held against your Third Eye. Or, you can keep a piece of Lapis Lazuli in your home during Ostara if you are looking to protect yourself against negative attacks and alleviate stress to bring harmony and peace.


Rhodochrosite is bright pink; it is regarded as a crystal of love. You can consider this crystal as your personal Cupid as it will help boost your romantic connection to your partner. This crystal will bring emotional balance, happiness, and passion. But Rhodochrosite is more than a love stone. When used during Ostara, it can help you see your self-worth, boost creativity, and helps you have a favorable view of life. Rhodochrosite will help bring balance and purify negative energies so that you can have a prosperous and beneficial year to come.

Rose Quartz

For our last crystal to use during Ostara, let’s take a look at the universal love crystal, Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz purifies the heart of negative energies so that you can feel all forms of love without interruption. Once the negative energies have been removed, it can protect you from the negative energies returning and only allow loving vibes into your home. If you have been through a heartbreak, Rose Quartz will help you overcome the pain and let yourself love again. Of course, Rose Quartz can help promote love for yourself, so you can see your self-worth and trust in who you can be.

Remember that this is not a complete list of all crystals you can use to celebrate the coming of spring. If you feel drawn to different crystals, always use your intuition and go for it!

Now that you know which crystals to use during Ostara, you can set up a festive Ostara altar in your home. Be sure that before you use any of the crystals that you have cleansed them of any old energies they may have absorbed. While in use during Ostara, you do not have to cleanse them, but if you are using them during rituals, you may have to recharge them; this way, you can be sure that you will have plenty of magick to use during Ostara. And, of course, once you are done with the crystals cleanse them and store them away for next Ostara, or prepare them to be used for other rituals you may have planned.

Blessed Be,


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