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Ostara - Ritual to Bless your Home with New Beginnings

Eggs are symbolic at Ostara, and they are also a universal symbol of new life. If you’ve been having problems, suffered loss, or feel your family need an energy boost, you can do this ritual on the sabbat.

Find a word for everything you want to bring into your home, such as ‘healing,’ ‘closeness,’ ‘peace,’ ‘abundance,’ etc. Get one egg for each thing you want to manifest. Wash the eggs to get rid of residual energy. You can also run them through sage, sandalwood, or Palo Santo smoke.


• Colored Dye

• Eggs

• Pen/Marker

• White wax (optional)


• Dye each egg with a color corresponding with each manifestation and write the word or draw a sigil with a pen/marker or you can write the word or draw the sigil with a white wax crayon and then dye the egg.

• Bury the eggs around your house and as you bury each one say:

“Goddess Ostara, bless this home with (what you want), now and always.”

• Once all the eggs are buried, imagine a huge egg-shaped shield that goes over the roof and below the foundations surrounding your house. Visualize it sealing in the energy of the goddess Ostara.

• Thank her and ask that the shield protect your home now and always.

A word of caution: many people say that using raw eggs in rituals increases their potency. If you have pets and tiny children, however, opt for boiled eggs. Dogs will dig up eggs if they’re buried close to the surface, and they’ll dig deep if they saw you burying them. Some cats dig things up as well. Small children are curious. Raw eggs can have the bacteria salmonella present that can make animals and people very ill.

What if you don’t have a Garden?

If you don’t have a garden, you can change the ritual and use crystals instead of eggs. Get a crystal that corresponds with what you want to invite in. For example, rose quartz for love, closeness, and healing. Cleanse and energize the crystals beforehand. It’s also a good idea to cleanse your home beforehand.

Holding a white candle in one hand, walk around placing a crystal in each room, repeating the blessing:

"Goddess Ostara, bless this home with (what you want), now and always."

Once you’re done, visualize the massive egg-shaped shield sealing the goddess’s energy around your home. Thank her and ask that the shield protect your home now and always.

Blessed Be,


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