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What's the Difference Between Charms, Amulets, and Talismans?

When it comes to deciphering terms, it can be confusing if you have just started learning about a subject so I wanted to make an easy to understand and compact guide to the differences between charms, amulets, and talismans. I also included a sample of how to make your own charm by giving you a good luck spell.


A charm is any object that is empowered by magick. This can range from jewelry such as necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings or they can be hand-crafted or natural objects such as sachets, spell papers with sigils, horseshoes, clovers etc. Charms are often meant to attract good luck but not always.


Amulets are charms that are magickally infused with energy to repel other energies and influences. They may be protective, shielding, banishing, or neutralizing in their function. Think of amulets as charms infused with energy that is similar in nature to that of the waning moon. Amulets are used to let go of energy.


Talismans are charms that are magickally infused with energy to draw, attract, increase, enhance, and amplify other energies & influences. Think of talismans as charms infused with energy that is similar in nature to that of the waxing moon. Talismans are used to let manifest energy.

So both talismans ands amulets are charms but the type of charm depends on the intention the practitioner imbues into the charm.

How to Choose your Charms

The easiest way to choose charms is by thinking of your intent for it and looking for things that have those properties already. This is not the only way to choose charms and you should always follow your intuition when it comes to picking your item.


Good Luck Talisman Bag Spell

Let's attract good luck by making a talisman.

You'll Need:

Drawstring Bag (or any bag that can close)

1 tbsp Dried Comfrey

1-2 Sticks of Cinnamon or 1 tbsp of Cinnamon Chips

Blue Tiger's Eye Crystal

You will want to start by cleansing your altar and your drawstring bag. One by one, hold each herb in your hand and infuse your intent for good luck. You can be specific in your intention if you have a particular type of luck you are seeking. After you infused your intention into the herb, place it inside your bag. You can change the crystals to work for whatever type of luck you are seeking. Green aventurine and blue tiger's eye are great general luck stones although green aventurine has an emphasis in money or prosperity magick. If you are looking for luck in love matters, use rose quartz. If you are looking for luck in dealing with change, use labradorite. Look for the type of stone to best serve your purpose. Like with the herbs, hold your stone in your hand and give it your intention before placing it in your bag. Once everything is in the bag, close it and chant or think the following words:

The winds of change I feel are coming,

Luck be quick and swift,

For I call upon you.

Each constituent here I bind,

And so good fortune will be mine.

Feel free to change the words or say your own phrase. If you work with a deity, you can ask them to help you with your spell as well. Spellwork is very intimate to each practitioner so while this is a spell that has worked for me, you can change things to better suit your needs.

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