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Want a crystal that raises one’s consciousness while subsequently relieving anxiety and cleansing negative energy? Then you want labradorite! When we’re anxious or stressed, our minds sometimes race to what-ifs and Labradorite breaks through the illusion of the future and reminds us to live in the present. It also helps us to cope with change which is a huge factor for stress in many cases.


Labradorite is known for its gorgeous flash within the crystal.



Thrid Eye Chakra & Crown Chakra






Scorpio, Sagittarius & Leo



  • Crystal(s): Labradorite
    • Higher Quality Labradorite
  • One (1) Labradorite Heart
  • You are buying the specific crystal photographed here
  • Colors may vary due to screen setting differences
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2 5/8" Width | 2 5/8" Height | 7.3 oz

Labradorite Heart 30A

  • The Moon

    A full moon and a new moon are especially powerful for cleansing and recharging your stones. You can place them outside or on a windowsill at these times. Even if it is a cloudy night, the moon's rays will still energise the stones.


    There are other ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals so feel free to use any method you are most attracted to. You can visit our FAQ for more infomation on cleansing your crystals with water and other methods. Please do your research on how to cleanse your individual crystals to ensure you will not damage or change it.

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