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☾ Self Love ☾ Dispells Negativity ☾ Self Forgiveness ☾ Self Trust ☾ Self Worth ☾ Unconditional & Universal Love ☾


One crystal everyone should have on-hand is rose quartz. Quartz with a light to darker pink color, rose quartz has a soothing, calming vibe. During stressful times, this crystal will help calm your nerves while exuding loving vibrations. Carry it in your pocket, purse, or wear it daily. This is the crystal for universal love.



Heart Chakra



Earth & Water



Taurus & Libra



  • Crystal(s): Rose Quartz
  • One (1) Rose Quartz Palm 
  • Each crystal is unique; color, shape, size, and patterns will vary
  • Colors may vary due to screen setting differences
  • This piece will be intuitively chosen for you. If you would like to choose your crystal, please join our Live Sales on Instagram



Sizes vary but range between 2" - 2.75" 

Rose Quartz Palms

Out of Stock
  • Running Water
    Holding your gemstones under clear, purified water will cleanse and recharge them.  Do not use ordinary tap water.  Some stones should not be immersed in water, so if you are unsure whether your stones are water safe, use a different cleansing method. 


    There are other ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals so feel free to use any method you are most attracted to. You can visit our FAQ for more infomation on cleansing your crystals with water and other methods. Please do your research on how to cleanse your individual crystals to ensure you will not damage or change it.

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