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This is a Tetrahedron crystal grid made out of Birch wood.


The eight star tetrahedron makes up the 64 grid tetrahedron lattice. The seed space geometry which is both fractal and holographic. Also represents the concept of time which is the tetrahedron grid and when put against the flower of life, the spheres represents space. This is where time and space meet.


This is just for the grid, stones much be purchased separately.



  • Crystal(s): NO crystals included.
  • One (1) Wooden Mandala Grid
  • This grid is made from natural wood and slight color variations will naturally ocur. Some may be lighter in color than others.
  • Colors may vary due to different screen seetings
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8" Diameter x 1/4" Thickness 

Tetrahedron Wooden Grid - Center Sphere

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