Our Vivacity Elixir Bundle is the perfect way to set and maintain your intentions of abundant energy. The bundle includes our tisane blend and 4 crystals for you to complete your energy rituals.


What You Get:

2 oz Vivacity Elixir Tisane Blend

Carnelian Tumble Crystal

Orange Calcite Raw Crystal

Red Jasper Tumble Crystal

Clear Quartz Cluster


Let's Talk Tea Ritual!


Tea is one of the easiest and most subtle ways of doing magick. Making tea magick is as easy as choosing a tea that supports your intentions and drinking it mindfully. I do this every morning. If you want to add an extra oomph to the magickal workings – while waiting for the water to boil, draw a symbol that backs your intentions in the air above the kettle. For example – a rune for love, a sigil for health, even a word or number will work! While the tea is steeping, pray your magical words over it. Stir the tea in a clockwise fashion to move something forward, counter-clockwise to reverse it. Then visualize your intention while drinking. Put your crystals next to your tea cup as you prepare it to infuse the tea with the power of your crystals. I don't recommend steeping the crystals into the tea and it is not necessary to do that in order to get all of the benefits of your crystals in your tea ritual. Once you are finished preparing your tea, feel free to carry your crystals with you throughout the day to keep your intention flowing with you all day long. You can carry one or all of them depending on what you are trying to manifest that day.


Carnelian: Fertility, Sexuality, Creativity, Banishes Emotional Negativity and Anger, Ability to Finish Projects, Sharpens Concentration


Orange Calcite: Vitality, Inspiration, Creativity, Energy Amplifier, Dispels Agression and Depression, Sexuality, Leadership, Determination


Red Jasper: Courage, Grounding, Physical Strength, Sexuality, Honesty, Dream Recall


Clear Quartz: Amplifies other Crystals, Focus, Meditation, Concentration, and Enhances Memory


*All crystals chosen intuitively for you.


All of these crystals are a powerhouse of energy abundance and can be used in many other rituals besides or in combination with tea rituals. 


Vivacity Elixir enhances stamina, lessens fatigue, and balances the body to use what energy it has more effectively. With more energy, your mind can think freely and calmly, improving memory, focus and endurance.  More than just a pick-me-up, the herbs in our blend help in improving your energy use, provide mental clarity and balance your systems.


Flavor Profile: Earthy, Light, Slightly Sweet, Smooth


Disclaimer: Any medicinal benefits given here are a product of my own research and as such should not be taken over the advice of trained medical professionals. If you are ill, please go and see a doctor. Always make sure that anything you consume is 100% safe. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before consuming or using something you haven’t tried before.

Vivacity Elixir Bundle

  • Ashwagandha Root, Astragalus Root, Eleuthero Root, Gingko Biloba Leaf, Gotu Kola, Green Tea Leaf, Reishi Mushroom, Schisandra Berry, Yerba Mate Leaf