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Cleansing White Sage Stick


Sage is a traditional medicine plant, used for healing and ceremony. It is used for cleansing and purification, and to open people up to a greater connection with the sacred. It is thought to banish negative energy, not only on the physical level, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It has a very aromatic, sharp and stimulating smell, and its action works on all the senses. However it is honoured in Native American tradition to be sacred herb used for sending prayer and working with the power of spirit.


White Sage is used to cleanse spaces, houses, rooms or environments of any kinds of subtle, old energies and prepare the space with fresh intent. It is also used to cleanse the aura of a person from stuck old energies to prepare for ceremony or spiritual work. White Sage is also used for cleansing objects for use in ceremony or when calling or looking inward for higher guidance. It is very good for cleansing crystals.


Sustainably harvested in California from a sage farm that does not harvest from the wild fields. Read our tab on Sustainability for more information on how your Whiet Sage is sourced.

The best times for Smoke Cleansing would be:

  • When you move to a new home
  • When your space feels stagnant
  • Before and during meditations
  • When your energy is out of balance
  • After being ill
  • Before starting a new job 


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  • Crystal(s): No Crystals
  • You will receive: One (1) White Sage Stick
  • The White Sage sticks may have naturally occuring variations and shapes
  • Your bundle will be chosen intuitively for you
  • Colors may vary due to different screen seetings
  • If you would like to choose your items, please join our Live Sales on Instagram



White Sage Sticks are 4"

White Sage Stick

  • The Moon

    A full moon and a new moon are especially powerful for cleansing and recharging your stones. You can place them outside or on a windowsill at these times. Even if it is a cloudy night, the moon's rays will still energise the stones.


    There are other ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals so feel free to use any method you are most attracted to. You can visit our FAQ for more infomation on cleansing your crystals with water and other methods. Please do your research on how to cleanse your individual crystals to ensure you will not damage or change it.

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